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Hello and welcome to B,Wear

I have chosen not to close the store this summer but will under week 26-29 only ship orders Monday, Tuesday and Wendnesday and under week 30-34 orders are shipped Wendnesday and Friday.

I wish you a nice sewmer!

If you are in a hurry with your order - let me know in a seperate email please

My store has everything you need for lingerie, swimwear making and many other fun things in all kinds of colors to cover your sewing projects. (Even matching thread. ????)

If you looking for something and don´t find it contact me and I
bring it home for you :)

Not only do we ship all over Europe, we ship all over the world!

Need to get in touch with me, send me an email at

I am working hard to get back to everyone within 48 hours

Want to know more about B,Wear?

Under the Menu section to the left of our website, scroll down to: “A Little About Us,” “Tips & Trix,” and “Up This Year”. Here you will find a lot of great information about our store.

Have you made something you want to share? Send us a picture with a few words about the item and we will post them here. ????   


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