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Clios Atelier

Welcome to B,Wear!

At the moment packing and shipping time is longer than usual due to heavy order load and illnes.
We thank you for your patience.

Behind the sence at B,Wear you find us, mom Bodil & daughter Angelica,
who together is the Small familycompany with a Lot of different materials.

Our mission is to find you the best quality items you need for making your lingerie, corsets, swimwear & activewear.

We cary everything you need for lingerie, swimwear making and many other fun things in all kinds of colors to cover your sewing projects. (Even matching thread.) :) Not only do we ship all over Europe, we ship all over the world!

Are you looking for a present but don't want to buy a giftgard? Why not give away a Giftbox?!
Send us an email with how much your present may cost and the receivers favorite colours & we make a Giftbox for you and the person you are giving it to :) If you can´t find what you looking for here send us a message to

Have you sent us an email?
We can not work 7 days a week, 24 hours per day, so please understand that an answer to your email can take a day or two, specially when it is a weekend.
Placed an order that you need pronto - send us an email to

Our working hours in the store are Monday - Friday 9-16.00 with lunch 12-13 Thank you!