Welcome to B,Wear!

All our work here is made under all the restrictions we having right now according to the situation we all live in since a few months back. This is slowing down the packing time a bit, on top of this we are also experiencing a very big order preasure, and sometimes your order can take longer if the orders infront of your own are long.

If you read our FAQ before emailing us, you may find the answer to your question and that way give us more time to pack your lovely orders <3

This store has everything you need for lingerie, swimwear making and many other fun things in all kinds of colors to cover your sewing projects. (Even matching thread. ????)

If you looking for something and don´t find it contact me and I 
bring it home for you :)

Not only do we ship all over Europe, we ship all over the world!

Need to get in touch with me, send me an email at ekonomi@bwear.se

I am working hard to get back to everyone within 48 hours.

Want to know more about B,Wear?

Under the Menu section to the left of our website, scroll down to: “A Little About Us,” “Tips & Trix,” and “Up This Year”. Here you will find a lot of great information about our store.

Have you made something you want to share? Send us a picture with a few words about the item and we will post them here. ????